Hikers must arrange their own transport to and from the meeting venue.
Please notify the Hike Leader of your intention to join the hike by the Wednesday before as some hikes logistical planning may be
required beforehand.
Hikers need to bring their own lunch and snacks. It is strongly recommended to bring adequate water – as water is not always available
on walks.
It is strongly recommended to wear suitable hiking boots/shoes and take with water proof jacket and warm clothing. Please note that
most walks are exposed to the full sun and it is recommended to wear a broad rim hat and apply a suitable sunscreen lotion (at least a
SPF 30+) and reapply every 2 hours.
Hikes do not at times follow a well laid out path. Hikes at times deviate from the recognised path. An estimate of path and off path is
given in the table above. The hike may also vary due to conditions – high water level on rivers, etc.
All hikers must note distance and meters climbed and be confident that they are capable and able to undertake this hike at this altitude.
If it appears that a hiker is not capable or not competent to complete the hike, the Leader may instruct the hiker to return and no longer
For hikes in Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife areas, participant must have a Rhino Card and/or a Wild Card or they have to pay the prescribed
conservation fee at an Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife office. Note: By paying the conservation fee it will cover you for rescue and/ or evacuation,
otherwise you will be charged cost of the rescue. This could be the cost of a helicopter.
As this is a group hike, hikers must stick together for safety and security reasons and obey the Leaders instructions.
Every Thursday and on Sundays where there is no “formal” hike, there will be a social hike, starting at the Old Trout Hatchery. Meet at
08h30 at the Old Trout Hatchery. Contact Barry Green at 082 323 8684 for details.

Hikers join all hikes at their own risk. Leaders cannot be held responsible for any mishaps